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Is water and money going down the drain? Restrict the amount of water inmates can use with the turn of a knob.

Economically manage up to 2 toilets and take control of inmate water usage with our new WUFCB-5200 electronic flush controller. Willoughby’s controller can limit the number of flushes per hour saving maintenance time, water, and money. This stand-alone, battery-operated unit is field adjustable–no AC power or PC required!

Our device can also restrict the number of flushes per hour and the amount of time between each flush for maximum control. Each flush controller can restrict toilet flushing from 1 to 8 times per hour.

Need more information? Download a PDF product sheet or visit the product page. The WUFCB-5200 electronic flush controller is one of several Electronic Water Conservation Controls we offer. Check out the entire product line here. There you can also calculate the savings of our devices can offer.