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The ligature-resistant faucets manufactured by Willoughby Industries are recommended for high-use areas where risk accommodations are a concern, such as behavioral and mental health facilities. Now—in addition to the single-temp, infrared faucet—Willoughby offers dual-temp, pushbutton faucets with either a piezo or pneumatic actuation. These faucets also feature:

  • Cast 304 stainless steel construction with a high-polished exterior finish
  • Contoured design to minimize any potential ligature points
  • Ability for use in new construction projects or retrofitting existing lavatories
  • 35° angle of spray with 16° max swivel adjustment
  • Supplied with a battery-operated or hard-wired valve and power supply
  • Serviceable insert for non-aerated, laminar flow with smart lime cleaning technology and protection against vandalism
  • Compliance with ADA requirements for accessibility¹

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¹When mounted properly on fixture